Spiderman: Far From Home

Spiderman comes swinging into theatres once again in a post-Avengers world.

Spiderman: Far From Home provides us with a look at a world without its main superheroes and the search for the next leader. The little tribute at the beginning was enough to send us reeling back into the events of Endgame but it was touching.

Peter Parker’s struggle to continue in a world without his mentor, Tony Stark / Iron Man, allowed us to sympathise alongside him as we too lost an incredible superhero who brought our screens to life for over a decade. No doubt about it that Tom Holland nailed every bit of delivering a spectacular and emotional performance once again.

There were some key relationship developments in this movie, such as Peter and MJ and Peter and Happy. The awkwardness between Peter and MJ is somewhat cringey to watch but it feels comfortable at the same time; almost like they fit perfectly. Despite the awkwardness, MJ proved that she did in fact like Peter for who he was and that was proved through the heartfelt hug between them on The London Bridge.

The development of Peter and Happy’s relationship from Homecoming to FFH was quite a big milestone as Happy barely even acknowledged Peter in the first movie. Happy somewhat warmed up to Peter and after the loss of his best friend, Tony Stark, he took over the father figure / mentor role for Peter which was heartwarming to see.

Jake Gyllenhaal also deserves a standing ovation for his star studded performance as Mysterio.

The comical elements in the movie are embedded so effortlessly into a storyline that is dealing with several things such as grief, displacement and evolution.

Overall, Spiderman’s position in a dismantled Avengers initiative identified the importance of this movie in moving forward into Avenger’s phase 4 and allowed us to bid farewell one more time to the hereos lost along the way.


When They See Us

Netflix’s new 4 part series follows the lives of 5 boys; Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam and Korey Wise, all otherwise known as the Central Park 5.

The 5 boys were wrongfully accused and imprisoned for the rape and assault of a female jogger on a night run in Central Park, New York. The series shows the assault, manipulation and abuse the boys received from the police in a result to get them to admit to a crime they did not commit. In the end, all 5 boys admit to the crime in question as they are falsely promised that they can go home after they confess.

The treatment these boys received indicated that they were doomed from the minute they were arrested as they were also victims of racial discrimination which was infuriating to watch even though it’s something that is still an issue in society today.

The police wanted an easy job – several issues reported on the same night, in the same park, and only 5 boys were caught by the police in attempt to break up the group gathering that had formed from these high school boys. Five scared, emotional, hungry and tired teenagers were questioned without having their parents present, however the police behaviour wasn’t further investigated even though different statements were given by the same policemen at the trial stage.

After a heartbreaking first episode, the second episode continues with the trials. The trials were split with 3 boys in one and 2 in another and the frustrating scenes of the court room, of the lawyers and of the victims themselves were hard to watch as the opposing side were so adamant that these boys had committed the crime, they would let nothing get in their way. The judge and jury were not even bothered with the evidence that could have granted these boys their freedom.

The boys were all found guilty at the end of the trials and the scenes shown resulted in nothing but heartbreak and anger. With 4 out of 5 of the boys being under 16, they were sent to juvie and Korey, 16 at the time of conviction, was sent straight to an adult prison. This leads into episode 3 where the story follows the journey of the 4 boys in and out of prison but it doesn’t show much of their time in prison. It fast forwards to when they finally get out of prison, as men, and try to settle into the outside world that they were excluded from for so long. It becomes emotional as the boys learn that there are many things that they cannot do, such as certain jobs they cannot undertake, they can’t be around certain people or certain ages etc.

While these boys may have had a hard time in prison, even though it wasn’t shown, Korey Wise’s journey throughout prison was shown in episode 4, the final episode. Korey’s time in prison, from the age of 16 until the age of 28/29, was the hardest to watch as he was thrown into an adult prison at a very young age and had minimal awareness of the life that awaited him. Having had difficulties with learning and being slightly illiterate, Korey struggled to understand the prison routine around him and had to learn quite quickly in order to survive. Korey’s journey through different prisons, through the abuse and through the loneliness is utterly devastating and traumatic to watch.

As a viewer, you just want to jump right in and protect these boys and prove their innocence, even though it happened in 1989, watching it makes it seem like it’s happening in the present. The series resulted in a lot of devastation and anger from the viewers’ perspective and no matter how tough it is to watch, it shows the reality of injustices that happen around us all the time.

The end of the series shows that all 5 men were finally exonerated in 2002 after an inmate at Korey’s prison admitted to the crime and his DNA matched. Even though this was a relief, it doesn’t change the fact that they wrongfully missed so many years of their lives and that nothing can make up for the time that they lost and no amount of money given to them can erase the horrors they were subjected toas a result of the wrongful conviction and racial discrimination.

Game of Thrones: The Final Episode

The highly anticipated ending is finally here and after 8 long seasons the ending produced mixed opinions with a majority of fans stating that the ending wasn’t what they hoped for.

After the incredible episode of the war with the white walkers, nothing else could really compare. The final two episodes of season 8 seemed rather rushed in a bid to tie everything over. Two episodes to show the fight for the Iron Throne only for there to be a newly crowned King who wasn’t even part of the original contenders and for the Iron Throne to burn to the ground in an instant.

The best part of the whole show probably had to be when Drogon’s wings spread as Daenerys walked out in the centre.

While all of the characters underwent some seriously intense journeys, they only proved to be beneficial for a certain handful of them as their characters had progressed in their positions and individual characteristics at the end. For example, Sansa gained independency for the North and became their Queen, she endured so much abuse and manipulation only to come out stronger on the other side. While many may see Bran’s character as having had little participation, it is vital to acknowledge his journey to the throne, even though it wasn’t expected, as in the end he is identified as someone who can provide a better future and leadership for the 6 kingdoms due to his indepth knowledge.

Other characters underwent some seriously intense journeys only for them to render pointless at the end. For example, Jon Snow ended up back at Night’s Watch but what would there be to watch when peace was declared through the kingdoms and the white walkers had been defeated.

While the eighth and final season of the show wrapped quickly, it shouldn’t spoil the fact that the storyline was incredible and the show was different to other typical conventional shows. An example being, don’t get too attached to a character because they probably won’t stick around for long.

All in all, it’s been a great 8 year journey with this show. Many thanks to the author, George R.R.Martin, and to the producers and writers for allowing us to envision this extraordinary world and for providing us with such a jaw- dropping storyline and visual effects. A big thanks to all the characters involved.

Winter came and the watch is now over.

Spiderman: Far From Home Trailer

The Spiderman FFH trailer hits us right in the feels as it’s the next instalment to take place after Avengers Endgame. There are some crucial elements in the trailer that set us up to see how the events of Endgame have shaped Peter Parker and how Spiderman’s role becomes even bigger.

The movie follows Peter Parker as he embarks on a journey with his friends only to be caught in a whirlwind of villains but how will he cope without the guidance of Tony Stark? Will he crumble under the pressure or will he surface stronger than ever before?

The movie doesn’t fail to provide a comical side – which in turn will help us escape from the more darker and emotional scenes of the movie without completely forgetting how those emotions are reflected onto us as the audience. Obviously many of us are still in a state of emotional trauma after Endgame and it will definitely be portrayed through Peter Parker as we all know well enough by now that the brilliant Tom Holland will put his heart and soul into his performance (as portrayed within the first minute of the trailer).

A multiverse is introduced which has caused much speculation from the fans and Parker’s reaction to it in the trailer tells us we’re in for a very interesting ride.

We also cannot forget about the blossoming romance between MJ and Peter or the fact that Aunt May knows that Peter is Spiderman in this next chapter.

Catch Spiderman: Far From Home in cinemas worldwide from July 2nd 2019.

Avengers: Endgame (spoiler free)





What a movie.

Endgame brought all the emotions you’d expect as they provided a gripping storyline from start to finish.

The unity between all of the Avengers creates a heart-warming feeling as they all have each others backs and refuse to give up. This unity provides hope that no matter what happens, it always works out in the end even if certain changes have to be made throughout the journey.

The links made to the numerous movies created over the last decade reveal that there were things we wouldn’t have even picked up on and they all make connections to other characters in one way or another.

It has become natural to wait until the credits for mid or post credit scenes but this movie offered neither which adds to the emotional yet peaceful ending as the fans say their final goodbyes to certain characters and the curtains close on the Avengers who have brought us non stop action for a decade.

If you haven’t seen it yet, grab your tickets!

Captain Marvel

What a movie.

As a marvel fan, there wasn’t really any excitement going into this movie and that’s probably because the trailer just wasn’t as captivating. However, the first few minutes of the movie are enough to capture your attention.

The opening title scene plays tribute to Stan Lee from showing numerous little clips of him and moulding them into the Marvel title. A touching and honoured tribute to the man who enabled us to live through the Marvel universe.

Brie Larson did a marvelous job as Captain Marvel and hats off to her because it’s a pretty big role to fill! Her energy and charisma pulls you into the marvel universe making you live each second of the movie.

The humour running throughout is engaging and surprisingly doesn’t take the seriousness away from the more dramatic situations.

The fact that she changes her suit colour to the same colour as Captain America’s is iconic and honestly gives hope as everything is somewhat connected even though they’ve never met.

The story is set in 1995, bringing back many, many memories such as blockbuster and the impatience of waiting almost forever for something to load on old PCs. However, it doesn’t originally give off the vibe of what year it is set in. You assume it’s modern day but little things, like those just mentioned, make you question the timeline. It is identified later in the movie that the timeline I’d 1995 as the line ‘6 years ago in 89’ is used which questions who the first Avenger really is.

It’s so good to see Nick Fury back on the big screen as his sarcasm and humour doesn’t go unnoticed. His personality instantly clicks with Captain Marvel’s and it’s almost the start of a new friendship.

There are 2 end credit scenes that link to Avengers: End Game and it brings so much excitement as we sit in anticipation for the fourth Avengers movie. With just over a month until we get End Game, we can be certain it won’t disappoint.

Overall, it was an incredible movie and Brie Larson should be proud of her character delivery as she did an outstanding job!!

After by Anna Todd

The sensational fanfiction first originated on the writing service Wattpad. It was a hit on the site which eventually lead it to becoming a best-selling published series and now the fans of After can finally see their imaginations on the big screen as After has been turned into a movie!

The author, Anna Todd, based her fanfiction on Harry Styles and the One Direction boys. After creates a whole new universe that we can interpret the boys in. While nothing links to them being a band, it includes them as individuals who are somehow bound together through their college life.

After follows the sensational narrations of the two main characters; Theresea Young (aka Tessa) and Harry (changed to Hardin in the published novel). The first book follows them through their journey of being strangers to becoming infatuated lovers and everything they endure in between. The love, lies and betrayals overpower the story line as Todd plays with our heartstrings by creating constant drama.

While Tessa’s character enters the novel as an organised, well-mannered girl, she slowly starts to lose belief in her life before college. Did she really love her boyfriend Noah? Or was he just a safety net pressured by her mother? Tessa’s mother continues to take some sort of control over her life, giving Tessa minimal space to think for herself. Harry enters Tessa’s life with no intentions of falling for her. Instead he leads her on only to betray her all while the emptiness in his life is replaced with an immense amount of love that he doesn’t know how to handle and this hurts Tessa in many ways despite her sticking with him through thick and thin. Their intense love for one another leads to a heart-wrenching yet exciting read for the audience.

We can’t forget Liam Payne’s (aka Landon in the published series) ever-lasting supportive friendship with Tessa. Liam is somewhat the backbone to this story as he is always there for Tessa through her rocky relationship with Harry. Liam also tries to develop an unusual brotherly bond with Harry as they become step-brothers and this plot doesn’t fully develop until the second or third book of the series. Liam’s passion, support and wisdom seems to be one of the very few things that has a powerful impact on Harry and Tessa’s relationship.

Nonetheless, After is a typical cliche teen / young adult Wattpad story. The bad boy falls for the innocent girl. However, Todd creates a gripping story line that is somewhat missing in similar stories. While I have not read the published series, the Wattpad series portrays the raw story line that Todd started out with several years ago and there is something captivating about reading the raw manuscript on Wattpad, grateful that Todd fought to keep the original series up.

There has been some criticism over the series for glorifying abusive relationships. However, the series in no way glorifies abusive relationships, if anything, the series highlights what it is like for someone to be wholly in love with their partner who is controlling, possessive and struggling with anger issues but this in no way glorifies it. It shows the hardship behind trying to make a relationship work even when the other half can be emotionally draining. The fans of this series will know that the novels portray a deeper meaning into the lives of Tessa and Harry as they learn to work through their issues because they cannot live without one another.

All in all, After is an amazing, captivating and heartbreaking read.

If you would like to check out the original series on Wattpad click on the link below: