Game of Thrones: The Final Episode

The highly anticipated ending is finally here and after 8 long seasons the ending produced mixed opinions with a majority of fans stating that the ending wasn’t what they hoped for.

After the incredible episode of the war with the white walkers, nothing else could really compare. The final two episodes of season 8 seemed rather rushed in a bid to tie everything over. Two episodes to show the fight for the Iron Throne only for there to be a newly crowned King who wasn’t even part of the original contenders and for the Iron Throne to burn to the ground in an instant.

The best part of the whole show probably had to be when Drogon’s wings spread as Daenerys walked out in the centre.

While all of the characters underwent some seriously intense journeys, they only proved to be beneficial for a certain handful of them as their characters had progressed in their positions and individual characteristics at the end. For example, Sansa gained independency for the North and became their Queen, she endured so much abuse and manipulation only to come out stronger on the other side. While many may see Bran’s character as having had little participation, it is vital to acknowledge his journey to the throne, even though it wasn’t expected, as in the end he is identified as someone who can provide a better future and leadership for the 6 kingdoms due to his indepth knowledge.

Other characters underwent some seriously intense journeys only for them to render pointless at the end. For example, Jon Snow ended up back at Night’s Watch but what would there be to watch when peace was declared through the kingdoms and the white walkers had been defeated.

While the eighth and final season of the show wrapped quickly, it shouldn’t spoil the fact that the storyline was incredible and the show was different to other typical conventional shows. An example being, don’t get too attached to a character because they probably won’t stick around for long.

All in all, it’s been a great 8 year journey with this show. Many thanks to the author, George R.R.Martin, and to the producers and writers for allowing us to envision this extraordinary world and for providing us with such a jaw- dropping storyline and visual effects. A big thanks to all the characters involved.

Winter came and the watch is now over.


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